Faculty of Science and Technology, Middlesex University

Artificial Intelligence Research Group

David Windridge

Professor of Data Science and Machine Learning

Email: D.Windridge@mdx.ac.uk

Publications: Google Scholar

Xiaohong Gao

Professor of Vision Imaging

Email: X.Gao@mdx.ac.uk

Phone:+44 (0)20 8411 2252

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Roman Belavkin

Associate Professor in Informatics

Email: R.Belavkin@mdx.ac.uk

Phone:+44 (0)20 8411 6263

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Dr. Roman Belavkin

information dynamics, information geometry, optimisation of learning, adaptive and evolving systems, cognitive modelling (ACT-R)

Dr. Xiaochun Cheng

intelligent systems, real time planning and scheduling, mineral resource, stock market prognosis, web-based information sharing, knowledge discovery, computer aided education

Dr. Eris Chinellato

spatial and temporal analysis of human activities for long-term robotics and smarthomes, human-robot social interactions based on the study and modelling of the relation between action observation and motor response

Prof. Richard Comley

image analysis, and signal processing

Dr. David Gamez

machine consciousness, neural networks, and machine learning

Dr. Vaibhav Gandhi

robotics, and brain computer interfaces

Prof. Xiaohong Gao

medical image analytics, image retrieval, computer vision

Dr. Carlisle George

law and AI, intelligent tutoring and learning environments, and cognition

Prof. Christian Huyck

natural language processing and neural nets

Mr. Carl James-Reynolds

signal processing, and genetic algorithms

Dr. Florian Kammueller

formal methods, interactive theorem proving, security

Prof. Mehmet Karamanoglu

machine learning, and design engineering

Dr. Ian Mitchell

neural nets and genetic algorithms

Prof. Huan Nguyen

digital twins, robotics

Dr. Barry Nichols

reinforcement learning, artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms

Dr. Peter Passmore

vision, image processing

Dr. Giovanni Quattrone

applied data science

Prof. Franco Raimondi

modal and temporal logic, system verification

Dr. Serengul Smith

AI for pedagogy

Machine Learning, Generative AI, Foundations of ML, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Quantum Machine Learning, Kernel methods, Ensemble Learning, NLP/LLMs, Applications: Medical Imaging, Multimodal Biometrics, Autonomous Vehicles, Cognitive Systems/Cognitive Science.

Dr. Xin-She Yang

computational intelligence, optimisation, and swarm intelligence

Dr. Zhijun Yang

computational neuroscience, and robotics

Vijay Chennareddy

Generative AI for legal documents

Silviu Marc

Parameterizing deep learning networks

Ammar Siddiqui

Generative AI for Medical Imaging

Praveer Towakel

Multimodal deep learning systems

Monalisa Soni

Modelling mobile phone for viewing medical images

Sailendra Ramanna

Modal decomposition techniques applied to EEG signals